How to Choose the Right Golf Bag

Well, old faithful has finally had its day. The bag bought with such care several years ago has now got zips that don’t close and a hole in the bottom (made maybe not in anger, but, certainly a forceful driver stuffed in repeatedly). The hood has split plus its bright red & blue colors are now a bit faded. Time to invest in a new one.

The first choice needing to be made is whether you will ever want to walk and carry the bag? If you do, then a stand bag with folding legs will be a good bet and of course they can still be placed on either a cart or pull trolley. A cart bag should you never walk will be best and they generally provide more room both for clubs and accessories. A larger Tour Staff Bag is available for golfers wishing to make a statement (not considered ideal unless you are a pretty good player). You will want to consider what you want to put in the bag. If you are a golfer who wishes to be prepared at all times with rain suits, towels, plenty balls, etc. then you will need excellent pocket space. Bags differ in weight, so lift them and test them out (which also confirms to some extent how well balanced they are).

First, let’s look at stand bags—they all come with a large side pocket a good pocket for tees, balls etc and sometimes a separate one or two for gloves and personal items. All bags are now made abroad. This is unfortunate; however, it seems the way things are going. The best known brands spend more on marketing and some of their price points reflect this spend. Golfers often like top brands…but that doesn’t make you a bad person. Haha, I am joking of course. Some players wish to find a bag that is the same brand as the clubs they play. It might be useful to list a few typical price points found online.

Nike Performance Stand Bag Dark Grey/Action Green/SilverHere’s a few manufacturers that produce great stand bags – Callaway, TaylorMade, Nike, Ping (awesome bags—a bit pricey and usually there is not much, if any, discount on Ping product) and Orlimar (great bag with reasonably low prices).


Nike Performance Stand Bag Dark Grey/Action Green/Silver 


They all come in a myriad of color options to match existing head covers and there are also themed bags supporting your favorite college team for example. You should try out the straps before you buy because some are less comfortable than others.

Now on to Cart Bags—these bags will in general provide more storage and have a greater number of dividers to keep the clubs from rattling too much. Some even have pockets that double as

Orlimar CRX Cart Bag Black/Royal Blue

coolers for colder beverages. Cart bags also come in a variety of color combinations. I find I get more storage for my money with these bags as they do not need to make room for standing legs.

A few cart bag manufacturers worth noting—Nike, Ping, Ogio, Sun Mountain, Orlimar (again, really great bargain) and Bag Boy (can’t beat their swivel tops).


Orlimar CRX Cart Bag Black/Royal Blue


These lists reflect bags designed specifically for lady golfers as well. A tip for any ladies looking for women’s golf bags -look for pastel shades and the inclusion of a separate purse on some models.

Finally, tour/staff bags—these are more often bought by low handicap golfers who play in serious tournament golf. All leading brands have these available, however expect to pay nearer $300 unless available on sale the year after they have been carried by tour players.

Good luck finding the perfect golf bag and enjoy your search!




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How to Choose the Right Wedge

Improving one’s performance from 120 yards in is vital should your desire be to lower your handicap or simply get more enjoyment from the game. That’s why we need to choose the best wedges for the job.

choosing a pitching wedge

Orlimar CS Wedge with a Mirror Finish

Ideally, a golfer would have a minimum of three wedges in their bag. With that in mind, lets look first at lofts and how that choice leads to further decisions on bounce angle, the lie and whether a particular face style could benefit your game.

A standard set of irons will have a wedge at around 48 degrees of loft. A gap or approach wedge would be ideal at 52 degrees, giving 4 degrees of separation from the standard wedge.  A 56 degree would be next. This would both double as an approach club and the sand wedge. That would be for standard sand shots.  Should you play on courses where there is tough rough around the green then a 60 degree could be put in the bag, continuing the 4 degree separation principle.

On arrival in the USA earlier this year I put a 60 to use. This is not a club much used in the UK due to the grass type surrounding the greens.

At this point, it is worth noting that many players do not necessarily choose wedges that are the same brand of their iron set. Specialist wedge manufacturers are called that for a reason. They are experts at what they do.

The lie of the club is next. Wedges come with a standard lie to suit the average person. The lie is the angle between the shaft and the head. Should you feel that when playing your wedge it is connecting with the toe or heel first rather than all of the leading edge then you should take the wedge to a qualified club repairer or PGA Professional who can alter that angle to suit.

Bounce is the next critical factor. Bounce is the angle produced when the club is laid flat and can be seen as the amount the leading edge sits off the ground. Should you play from a brick hard surface then a wedge with little or no bounce would be ideal. That situation is unusual, although in the UK, golfers often have a 52 degree with around 4 degrees to take into account the hard links conditions found often in the UK. My experience here would suggest around 8 degrees for the 52 degree, 10 or 11 for the 56 degree and back to 8 should you choose to have a 60 degree in the bag. The degree on the 56 will give maximum flexibility for both sand shots and those from around the green.

Measuring Bounce Angle

Measuring Bounce Angle

  Photo courtesy of

Take advice from a PGA Professional  or local Retail Expert should you wish to know more about grass types and ideal bounce choice before investing in these vital scoring clubs.

Should your choice be a 48, 54 and a 58 degree formation then the same choices apply. You would then be more likely to use the 58 degree for your sand work.

Wedges from leading manufacturers all now conform to the new rules on the amount of spin to be imparted. Should you impart a lot of spin with your wedges then trying a few different models would be helpful. However, most golfers are looking for more spin!

So, you have made your choice. The wedges then give you the ideal opportunity to get out, practice and become the envy of your golfing pals as your scores come down due to the improvement in your wedge play due to Choosing the Wedge best suited to your game and course conditions.

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The infographic below illustrates how golf is the corporate sport in America in 2011 by comparing the earnings of top athletes from each market. (NFL, MLB, Nascar, NBA) The graph compares the top 5 earners in each respective sport market and how their money was made through endorsements & sponsorships verse salary & winnings. The top five golfers made more in endorsements in 2011 then the other four sports combined($217,000,000); making golf the corporate sport of the U.S. in 2011. The highest earner was Tiger Woods, who made $60mm in endorsements and only $2mm was made with winnings/salary. Among the top golfers, over 90% of their earnings were made through sponsorships compared to 10% for the top NFL players.
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